Jessie and Katy Perry Fanfic

chapter 7

jessie and katy rushed out the studio onto the street, not having to worry about paparazzi because not only was it dark and late at night, but also because the building was practically in the middle of nowhere. they held onto eachothers hands whilst running and eventually found their way to the studio car park.

"what now?" asked jessie, shivering from the cold in her thin top. katy held the wine bottle up to jessie’s lips and she took another gulp.

katy took out her phone.

"hello, we’d like a taxi to…" she prompted jessie to give her the name of her hotel and once she did, the man said the taxi would come in the next 5 to 10 minutes.

katy noticed jessie shivering next to her and wrapped her hands around her waist, resting her head gently on her shoulder. jessie could feel her heart beating heavily as she thought back to what they had been doing no longer than ten minutes ago. she was thankful for the darkness as she felt herself blush. katy tilted her head and pressed her lips against jessie’s neck as they waited. after a while, the taxi arrived.

the driver stared at them, not quite believing he had katy perry and jessie j in the back of his cab in the early hours of the morning. jessie smiled and said hello to be polite and soon enough he eventually snapped out of it and began to drive. she was tired, but she didn’t want to fall asleep so eventually she settled for resting her head on katy’s shoulder, and shut her eyes.

jessie has just about to drift off when she heard katy burst out laughing. she looked up, confused.

"what?" she asked, completely puzzled.

"we nearly had sex," katy replied, still laughing so much she could hardly get the words out, "and we’ve ended up making you look like a serial killer"

jessie didn’t get it at first, but as soon as she looked down at her top to see the deep red wine splashed down her and splattered onto her neck, she was soon laughing even more than katy. jessie was sure that the joke wasn’t even that funny, but she couldn’t control her laughter, probably because of the wine. the driver stared at them in shock.

"yeeeeeeeeees?" asked katy, gesturing to the driver with a comical look on her face, almost going cross-eyed. jessie snorted.

"you’re not supposed to drink alcohol in my taxi" he said, looking at them dissaprovingly. "and," he continued "you can leave that conversation for after i’ve dropped you off”

"we’re sorr-" katy covered her hand over jessie’s mouth and stopped her speaking.

"nope, we’re not" said katy as they both continued laughing, "but we will stop drinking" she tried to put the bottle down as she said it, but she ended up knocking more of it over jessie. "there’s lots more we can do together in the back of a taxi anyway"

she turned around to face jessie, pushed her back until she was against the window and kissed her, making it as obvious as she could when she slipped her tongue into her mouth, just to annoy him. jessie and katy both knew what they were doing, he was clearly homophobic and they weren’t exactly going to sit there and spare his feelings.

they continued to make out until they arrived. he seemed relieved when they got out.

jessie paid and then they both went back to the hotel.